I was gripped as always by the idea of watching BBC2′ Eurovision – You Decide, the contest where the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is selected, last year I was lucky enough to be in the audience.  Sadly for me, unlike the previous two years, this years winner Michael Rice was not somebody I would have voted for. His version of this song was acceptable but it did nothing for me, I thought it was the worst entry of all of them on offer that night. However Holly Tandy, who sung a different version of the same song “Bigger than Us”, I thought should have been the winner. It had good vocals, she sounded gifted, and it reminded me of Kylie’ recently very successful Golden Album with its mix of Country and Western and Pop. Unfortunately, the format of the show meant I never got to vote for it because in the “sing off”, the judging panel had favoured and sent through to the public vote, Michael Rice’s version.

Of the three songs we could vote on I preferred (but not by much) Jordan Clarke singing “Freaks”, it was more simple,catchy and you could sing-along to it more.

One of the highlights of the show was SuRie, last years winner of this show and our unsuccessful entry to the Eurovision final, singing a different arrangement of her song Storm with her playing the piano with a quartet accompaniment that was very good. I think they should have picked SuRie herself to be on the judging panel.

Also in the show they showed some clips of other European countries entries for this years song contest which included the Czech Republic’s entry which I like the sound of. Will this get my vote on the big night? It sounds like a good contender.

Will you be cheering on our UK entry this year?

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