Dear Blog,

Yesterday I took a tumble. It started when I was trying to transfer from my draw divan bed to my wheelchair with the assistance of my partner. The rotarstand (standing aid) simply didn’t turn properly and I wasn’t able to sit fully onto the wheelchair, I was right on the edge of the seat. My partner managed to get me on the wheelchair into the hallway so we could use my larger standing aid hurriedly. Unfortunately when I tried to sit-up I slid off the chair onto the floor, it didn’t help that both my legs were experiencing clonus (strong tremors) which stopped me putting my feet firmly to the floor. 

So my partner now had to get me to roll over several times to get the sliding sheet under me, and then pull me, very uncomfortably, into the lounge under the ceiling hoist. Then I had to roll several times again so he could put the hoist sling under me so I could be hoisted up. Once back in the chair properly we could use the larger red standing aid to get the sling out from under me and try to get me comfortable. What a hassle!!

This was for me very scary indeed. My Secondary Progressive MS seems to be worsening even more, and my waist muscles are making it even harder to roll over or sit up. If I am sitting on the bed my waist muscles can sometimes push me backwards which means sitting me up again. The MS is slowly starting to destroy me mentally, it’s very hard but I am determined to keep going somehow. 

Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.