Hello there everyone.

When getting out of bed this morning I used my rota-stand as usual (a standing aid) but I didn’t stand up properly, and by the end there was me halfway off my wheelchair. Then clonus started (a trembling in both legs) and I started slipping off my wheelchair. Frank, my boyfriend, tried to wheel me into the living room to use my larger rota-stand (which doesn’t go underneath the bed) but I slid out of the seat and hit my head slightly on the floor. Frank thinks I might not stand high enough to get out of bed safely any more. We will look at other ways of doing it but its starting to look like I may have to use my ceiling hoist all the time now to get out of bed. Frank used our sliding sheet to get me near the ceiling hoist in the lounge but he had real difficulty putting the hoist sling round me to hoist me off the floor. I couldn’t really roll either way as I had nothing to hold on to, it should have been two people ideally but luckily Frank managed to get me off  floor. I was a bit shaken up and stressed but I always am after a fall like that. As MS is degenerative I’m now very fearful for the future, maybe I should buy one of those blow up seat to get me off the floor in future. 

On a more positive note, I’ve seen 2 grey squirrels outside my window, sometimes fighting for the food we put outside for them. They keep me company without even knowing it.

Happy New Year to all of my readers, take care. I think everyone, including me, is looking forward to Harry and Meghan’s forth coming wedding. I hope I can go to be part of it. bye for now all. 😊

PS. I really empathize with the people who use the trains as the fare rises are unjustified and beyond their means to pay.