This particular production of My Fair Lady was very good indeed and a highly accurate portrayal of the stage play. The girl who played Eliza Doolittle did a very good loud, cockney accent. The audience was enthralled with the production and then clapped accordingly, and the best scene was when Eliza threw Henry Higgins slippers at him, and the very end when he leans back in his chair wanting those slipper brought to him. All the cast were very good in their particular roles, Frank, my partner, liked Mrs Pearce the most while my favourite was Henry Higgins himself. I think at the end of act 1 they should have walked off the stage together arm in arm going to the ball together.

It was sad to see some many of the older generation in the audience as it makes you think in years to come will the younger generation  attend at all? It was staged jn a fairly good venue and the staff volunteers were very help and friendly. There was a lot of local paid advertising on a screen and in the programme itself. During the first act I felt the presence of Rex Harrison there watching the play he made famous on the big screen. I will give this show a 9/10 rating.

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