I saw on the CH5 brief news bulletin this evening about a brunette woman on top of 1 of the capsules on the London Eye wheel thing carrying the Olympic Torch! I think this was a silly stunt to do even if all the safety precautions had been taken, utter madness I’d say!
I feel emotionally me and my other half are starting to grow apart again. This leaves me feeling confused, alone, hurt and a bit betrayed. He feels trapped by me and has bad mood swings which, I feel, at times he’s taking it out on me. He’s fully independent, has his own freedom, can go where he wants, when he wants to, yet he resents the hour and a half we sometimes spend on the telephone most nights. I’m not asking him to move in with me, I know we will never ever get married or be a normal couple, and if I get too close to him he’s very defensive and puts up all kinds of emotional walls and barriers for me to overcome, but I only want to love him, express it and for him to be with me. I don’t think I’m being that unreasonable as a person but I sometimes think he does.
I’m dreading the day I ever have to deal with the Social Services and their mentality again, they make me feel so unreasonable for wanting to be seen as a whole person, and they never know what to do with me as a person. Some say I’m so angry, but the truth of the matter is that I’m very indepedant minded. I’d sack Social workers tomorrow for adult clients who live in their own homes, and if clients spend their direct payments in a way in taking any decision that a non disabled person would reasonably make and take for granted, then Social Workers should stop sticking their noses in where it’s not wanted. If a client had a drugs or gambling kind of problem then yes they should step in, but complete utter rubbish like – you cannot use a direct payment for a cleaner, or hair washes if you are physically disabled is utter lunacy and proves such people are getting it wrong, and not properly empathising with their own clients, or making real personalisation a real and beneficial reality for their own clients.
I’m very tired now Goodnight to you all. lolExcitedKarate Girl Kick