It is like my Christmas day every single year – The Eurovision Song Contest. Promoting each year freedom of expression and song, uniting us all in one night. Watching Eurovision this year at times I was on the edge of my seat.

Of our entry for the UK, although I was not a fan of this song, Michael Rice performed his song Bigger Than Us to the best of his ability. When it was announced he had got only 3 points from the public votes I felt for him because it came across how much he had put into it. As usual we came well down the list – Last in fact!!

The winning song, which came from the Netherlands, was an OK song to me (though I did win 72p on a side bet it would win) but my heart was drawn to three songs which I voted for as they were outstanding to me, and I really felt their stage presents. Like our entry when the German girls were awarded no points from the public vote I really felt for them too. Here are links on You Tube to the three songs I wanted to win. First is Denmark, then Germany’s entry and finally Belarus’s.

What is your favourite Eurovision song out of the three above?

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