A couple of weeks ago now I had an electric wheelchair demonstration, a real first for me. I managed the wheelchair slightly better than the mobility scooter. I do feel that an electric wheelchair that can also be used as a manual wheelchair is the best option for me. Getting the electric wheelchair round the side of the building and reversing is a clear problem/hazard for me. On my first go I was encouraged and didn’t do too badly. The overall cost of an electric wheelchair means someone like Richard Desmond can afford it much better than I can.

I read in the Daily Star newspaper earlier today that Channal 5 newsreader Matt Barbet may join Daybreak. If true, I hope Helen Fospero returns to the Ch 5 news, or that Ellie Criselle gets his present job, or even Hayley from Newsround, a rank outsider but a good choice too. I hope `Your News`, whereby viewers record reports on their webcams or mobile phones, comes back, + the Ch 5 film reviews of all the films every Friday that are on at the cinema returns. Ch 5 News, hear my prayer 1 day.

I feel a sense of missed opportunities with my local community mental health team. I am “too angry” for councelling they say. They see me as so 1 sided. I pity them poor souls. They are the ones who cannot begin to comprehend the real Lydia!