Hello Everyone,
This would be a dream or vision, I may hear you exclaim, of what my dream set of wheels would be. Originally I wanted a Convertible style car with enough room in the boot for my wheelchair. Well my MS is now clearly worsening, so ideally I need a vehicle which means I can stay in the wheelchair while the vehicle is moving i.e. I’m strapped in. A Belino type van, which is similar to a car when getting in + windows so I can see what is going on outside from my wheelchair, and a Electric ramp which moves up and down to get my me and my wheelchair inside. The colour would be like an Apple green and I’d affectionately call it “Lydia’s Great Wheels”. I would also need someone to drive it, but with a driver and the right vehicle insurance I may be able to still have a life i.e. fairly regular social needs like cinema, theatre, jumble sales & fetes, going into town, my local pier etc,the little things non disabled people can sometimes take for granted in life.
This would never happen for me due to money issues but it gives you some idea that at 36 I’m not ready to give up living, my social needs help me to hold it together and without them I can become very ill mentally, overwhelmed with an intensity of emotions that I, put simply, cannot handle.
Spoiler Alert!
Home and Away somewhat felt a bit sombre today as Mr Miles Copeland leaves the bay to live in a country called Thailand (wherever that is) with Sally his half sister. He didn’t take Leah, his love interest, with him and it remains to be seen now if Leah and Elijah will ever get it together. April is still contemplating losing her Virginity, she thinks it may happen with Xavier but the lucky man in the end turns out to be Mr Heath Braxton himself (poor girl). In real life, the actress who plays April is dating the worst character Home and Away ever had – the actor who played Geoff Palmer. Charlie dies or is fatally shot this Friday according to an advert on CH5. A sad ending for a popular and much liked character, but a good 1 as I certainly felt there was not much left that could be done with her character. I remember thinking that if Nicole and Angelo could return to the bay for Charlies’ funeral in hindsight that would have been a nice and extra touch. The domestic violence storyline between Stu and Sacha hots up, you are starting to see a more vulnerable side to the often outspoken teen, which is interesting. Stu is trying to isolate Sacha from those close to her, some men have done just that in real life, a gripping storyline and I predict a sad ending or demise on this.
I have been in pain and had another upset stomach today. My MS, Stress about everything going on, now more pain! I sometimes think Colonic irrigation may help. Oh well, maybe, now it just feels like a bad dream all round my abdomen, that’s all I know.
Take Care all Goodbye for now 🙄