Dear blog,

I had an average weekend. Weather was a bit drizzly and cold, so you are certainly reminded of the time of year it is. Yesterday I was at home with my carer while my boyfriend Frank slept after working a night shift in a  care home. Today, Sunday, I went to my local Baptist church     where Ollie and Pastor Mick jointly did the service, the armed services were mentioned on a screen, about 5 songs were sung including Amazing Grace, and a two mins silence observed. I enjoy going to this particular church, its very interactive, which helps immensely due to my autism, and using microphones which helps as well. Good wheelchair access does too.

Then we had some lunch at Mcdonalds, and then it was off to see Oke who is a barber who also does shaves. There my boyfriend got a shave for a fiver, which is good value for money. Oke is very good at what he does. My boyfriend’s electric razor broke and to get a new one equivalent to the one that broke would cost about 200 pounds which is a bit outside our price range, so here’s hoping in the new year sales maybe.

I still feel mentally in a dark place, like a black mist, all around me ongoing problems. I have have had yet more bad news. With my Secondary Progressive MS it means I should have regular hydrotherapy to help exercise my limbs, but after being pushed into the deep end of a pool as a kid in an effort to help me learn to swim (which was before my MS ocurred) a fear of  water and drowning took over. I would like NLP, a form of hypnotherapy, to try and get over this but money is always hard, so its hard, and the NHS does not fund this kind of treatment.

Many thanks to you all for reading my blog, I do try not go on about my problems. Take care, have a good week.😥

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