I’m now on a new medication which has helped me a little bit I think, and now having a much more human being type shrink has helped me too. Suddenly at long last somebody from the community mental health team is starting to see the real me and, `surprise surprise`, I’m really not Cruella De Vil or that very unreasonable after all. I simply have no idea at the moment if I’m still meant to be going for Anxiety Management offer to Gateway. I’ve come to realise now that I will just have to let other people figure that out themselves.

I’m being assessed for, hopefully, an electric wheelchair in the near future. My private Physio should be able to provde input hopefully for that too. Say a pray for me will you that with these on going spending cuts I somehow get it? A lot of my carers that are pushing me in my present normal wheelchair say there are ongoing problems with the wheels rubbing, with the size of the wheels as well and I have very stiff breaks too etc. I think the wheelchair now is well past its `sell by` use date and having a wheelchair with much smaller wheels would probably best now for all concerned. With my MS now there’s, put simply, no way I could move the wheelchairs wheels myself anyway, but at the time I was given the wheelchair there was no way of knowing this.