I want to help change and shape the course of social care for working age adults, they are barely touched on in the media. Working age adults can be overlooked when the same issues affect the elderly too. I applied for a campaigning boot-camp I heard about on Change.org but my application was turned down this time. They gave me some feedback which said I should develop some specific goal and aims, and I would do better by working with others more, less of a lone wolf. I did try some years ago to try to engage with some charities to gain more support for my cause, but it became clear to me they were scared of losing Government funding if they were seen to be making trouble and they just wish me well in my cause. My autism affects my learning, this may not help, even act as a barrier to, my application to future boot-camps. I would most definitely need a lot of help and guidance from my partner Frank too, I can’t do this on my own.