I felt a bit emotional after seeing this Tonight edition. I’m not surprised by this documentary’s findings. 
It followed a paid carer going about doing her job – long hours, too many clients for the time available and highly stressed, but she was still highly motivated to help those in need. It was mentioned what the Gov’t is now saying about funding our social care. 
If I was to imagine an image of what the Gov’t is saying it would be as care as a kind of wedding cake with so many layers, each a different aspect of care. The Gov’t is breaking care down into layers – “We may pay for this layer, we may pay for that, but we don’t pay for this layer or that one”. The problem is, that the cake as a whole will fall down if you don’t support each and every layer of a person’s care. 
My personal message is “Well done” to the unpaid carer who looked after her husband who had suffered a stroke. She highlighted how much she gets in Carers Allowance compared to the real cost to the country if she wasn’t there. I am extremely lucky that my partner was a nurse and he meets all my care needs, what kind of life I would have without him would be a very lonely one. 
Finally, the programme also looked at what happens when the system fails as this may be the future if the system isn’t mended. The reporter Fiona Foster suggested what is proposed is possibly “Too little, too late”.