This is a tender and rather painful blog for me to write. My aunt Irene passed away in July 2011. She was on an oxygen machine by the end and thankfully passed away peacefully at home in the end. Her last wish for me before she died was that I obtained a mobility scooter, we finally did this and got a second hand one. Unfortunately we had to resell it back to the shop as my Primary Progressive MS has continued to deteriorate at an alarming rate. I now need an electric wheelchair that can be folded into a car, that would be used for both in-door and out-door use. With the UK spending cuts I hope I get the wheelchair that I desperately need. Fingers crossed while I wait to hear the outcome. Being housebound, having to plan my life around other people is very hard going. The future seems uncertain and a bit scary and intimidating too. I feel I let my aunt down but my MS meant I could not make work her last wish for me.

I am trying to look to the future but with news of almost daily cuts to disabled benefits and services, the future appears bleak. I only hope that I can convince this new psychiatrist that the problems are how I am being perceived by the community mental health team, and a lack of a co-ordinating meeting with everyone involved being there is a necessary for my situation to improve and move forward. No more procrastination. Here’s to that everyone. 🙂