I really enjoyed the programme “Baby Fever” on CH5 last night, though I think my favourite reporter Mr Simon Vigar should have presented it, not just appeared in it. It covered lots of issues from how the new baby, when it is born, might be brought up compared with the Queens’ (its Great grandmother), Charles’ (its grandfather) and Williams’ and Kates’, to the different backgrounds that will influence the baby’s future, i.e. William’s aristocracy and Kate’s upper-middle class status. Kate’s family runs an On-line business and it was suggested that this would mean that the future King/Queen’s up-bringing would not be typical of the restricted traditional way of previous royal babies. Princess Diana’s influence was also looked at and how she brought up William and Harry. Also highlighted was the way Kate’s family are close to the couple (William has been known to call his father-in-law “daddy”), and will be involved in the future, past queens have often been removed from their family into the enclosed world of the monarchy.

Take care everyone, enjoy the rest of your day. A fond farewell for now all. Laugh