Greek elections – Tessa Chapman reported from Athens. No ordinary Greek elections, voters appear to back parties to stay in the Euro despite the strict bailout conditions. 7 political parties shared the vote, a sense of urgency needed to form a coalition but Europe breathed a collective sigh of relief at outcome. The markets remain somewhat sceptical. Andy Bell, political editor, says the crisis is not over, Germany will still have to tighten its belt and other countries have problems in southern Europe.

Children’s homes, too many run away and are not protected.

PIP implants, 47,000 put in. Risk of leakage is twice what the other brands are but no cancer risk.

Policeman who pushed Ian Tomlinson over in the demonstrations last year appeared in court charged with manslaughter, A good reported piece by Mr Simon Vigar.  

A guy in tennis was recently disqualified after the French Open.

24hrs till third match for England against co-hosts in Danesk. Wayne Rooney will play and 800 England fans will be camping outside to see it. Reporter Peter Lane says “It’s their biggest challenge yet, the players need to shine”.

Celebrity Jack Osborne has been diagnosed with MS, I’m not sure which type, after having had some sight problems. 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with MS, I too have MS – the Primary Progressive sort. A brilliant and touching piece by the ever so lovely Mrs Katie Goodman.

Ruth Liptrot did a report about a raunchy novel like Mills and Boon entitled “50 shades of Grey”. 100,000 copies were sold this week alone and that does not include any ebook sales. There are no pictures in the book apparently and newsreader Matt Barbet ended with the gag “word play is foreplay?” 

Weather by the lovely Clare – sadly more rain on Thursday, some cloud throughout the day tomorrow, 20 celsius a high tomorrow. UV moderate which is higher than today. Sneaky