After Donald Trump fails to condemn the far right, it is left to his deputy to be more explicit. After the violence by far right supporters at an anti-facist rally, which included one driving at speed into the crowd killing one and injury many, Trump condemned violence coming from “all sides”. It is felt that the far right in America have become more emboldened since Trump’s victory in the Presidential election.

Bullying through social media is on the increase and victims are now speaking out. The use of social media can have great benefits but this is a growing problem. In a recent survey 23% of girls said they were subjected to bullying on social media sites. Some spoke to CH5 about their upsetting experiences, some even have feelings of suicide. Victims end up having to block abusers, avoid sites and have councelling. 

A victim of Child abuse has waved her right to anonymity to try to help others. Sue spoke to Simon Vigar about her distressing and upsetting experiences at the hands of a family friend and respected member of the local community. Even now she feels like a 12 year old in reliving the abuse. She wants to empower others to be able to speak out against their abusers.

Big Ben to be silenced for 4 years while vital maintanence is carried out on the clock mechanism and tower. Andy Bell (Political Editor) investigated and noted it would be the longest period of silence since WWII. The tourists spoke of missing the famous bongs.

Mudslides in Sierra Leone kill 200+

A 23 year old has been charged with the murder of the pensioner out walking his dog last week.

A hero paratrooper, the most wounded soldier to survive his wounds, was given another deserved accolade – the Freedom of his home town Doncaster to go with his MBE and various medals. He was said to be inspirational in his fundraising and meeting the challenges of rebuilding his life. His next “challenge” was said to be getting his long term funding sorted out for his ongoing care. NHS or MOD?

Tom Cruise has slightly injured himself performing his own stunts in his next film. It was said that he is unusual in the amount of stunts he, the star, does in his movies, but for how long can he keep doing this?

Is Tom Cruise crazy for still doing his own stunts.

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Weather – The week ahead is said to be changable. Tomorrow will start dry but with showers crossing the county from the south-west. There will even be a risk of thunderstorms in the north. 77 degrees F forcasted.