This rather good CH5 afternoon movie told the near incredible story of a dark horse that suddenly went blind but went on to win a dressage event, it looked rather like the horses were dancing. It was a brilliant film, there were two lovely little girls in it, and the girls characters mum, in her younger days, had once played a teenage high school student who played drums in the movie “Some kind of wonderful”. The female characters husband abandoned her and her little girl because he was clearly a coward. Good scenes to look out for were the two girls writing to God, snow arriving in a cool box to imitate winter. There was also a storyline about the character’s sister Katy, she had also liked horses but she had previously died and the character’s mum believed, wrongly I feel, that losing a daughter was much more painful than losing a sister. I give this CH5 afternoon movie a well deserved 7/10. CH5 afternoon movies are definitely the place to be to watch.


I met a young lady today and we discussed this pendant alarm type thing. It went OK, I think it will happen in the very near future, but there are still some unresolved issues still to solve.


Goodnight all, take care of yourselves, and enjoy the rest of your evening. Laugh