The Popes resignation: I am spiritualist christian, I bet they will make a relevant choice though.
Jeremy Hunt so far has not grasped the reality of social care needs. Yes, older people are very important, but in this situation the vulnerable and disabled should be considered both equally. The Government should ring fence social care and maybe health care too.
The woman who appealed working for nothing at Poundland, well done her, she should have been paid and hopefully add it to her CV.
Horse meet – I love a good medium/rare steak with blue Stilton cheese. I’m eating Sainsbury’s Spaghetti Bolognese tonight, let’s hope it’s all OK.
1 Direction are one hit wonders, here today but will sadly not be remembered tomorrow. They should count their millions while they can?
There was some snow here but fell a bit as rain as well. Disability and me likes snowmen but hates slush.