I got to see the film Midnight Sun at our local Odeon cinema last Wednesday, for some reason it is only being shown once a day in the evening. It was a very good film, I am sad to hear this film has been publicly criticised, but lets not forget this is a work of fiction not true life. It tells the story of a blonde girl called Katie Price (not THE Katie Price) played by Bella Thorne who has a disease called XP for short (the medical term was too complex) which meant she was unable to go out because direct sunlight was harmful to her, but at night time she was able to go out. In one scene she goes to the local railway station and meets Charlie (played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, Annie’s son) her lifetime crush who has been past her house everyday for years. She was singing and Charlie was mesmerised by her beauty and voice, and he was left wondering why he hadn’t met her any earlier. Charlie and Katie shared some tender moments and memories before the truth finally emerged about her condition. Sadly when driving her home Katie was exposed to a little bit of sunlight. Charlie couldn’t figure it out the panic and stress this caused until he was told about the condition. He was shocked at first but got his head around it, he felt Katie was really full-on. Sadly Katie’s condition started to deteriorate and just before the character passed away she got to go on a boat that Charlie had been looking after and together they made some final memories. A touching, loving scene. I really like the character of the evil schemer who was called Zoe and the Katie’s best friend Morgan, and my favourite scene was when Charlie persuaded Katie to sing in front of strangers and a crowd gathered and they loved it. I would give this remarkable film 8 1/2 out of 10 rating. Although I enjoyed it a lot I find very sad endings very hard to deal with due to my own circumstances. 

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