I also got to see, I don’t always get the chance, tonight’s edition of Meridian Tonight. The warm, humid conditions continue. Good for some, not for all for me, the local seaside resorts are starting to recover money wise from some bad weather. Ice creams and hotel bookings now on the rise. A water main had burst in 1 area, old pipes were blamed and local residents there woke up to no water in their taps, but it was sorted out hours later. Celebrity Christopher Biggins judging cows at a show, I kid you not, and 1 of the female reporters had a go at shearing a local sheep At least now she may have enough wool to knit herself a jumper for the wintertime. I wonder just what colour it will be? Travel chaos may be the case for all commuters during the Olympics. The rail minister is advising people to plan their journeys well in advance, but I reckon no one can really plan for that amount of stampede of people the Olympics will bring to London. As I mentioned in a previous blog, myself and my other half failed to get X2 tickets for  women’s tennis, and the women’s trampoline gymnastics. I’m not sure when, or even if, that event will be even televised. If I get to hear its on I will watch it but I would have loved to have been there and seen it for real, and enjoyed the atmosphere of it all in my attendants wheelchair. Embarrased smileSleepy