The above film I’d probably give a 9/10 for it.

It tells the remarkable story of a big passenger plane, both guarding and helping a small Cessna plane back to Auckland in very bad weather. The best features are the dancing girlsĀ from Honolulu using a hand fist to try to gain measurements, and a wing man having to ditch his own Cessna plane after the old plane just seem to give up and crashed into the sea. Luckily the guy escaped alive and swam back to the shore after ditching into the sea somewhere. If it’s on TV again this particular film, although a repeat, is excellent and has a fairly good balance of both acting and action without it being too over the top, for example like James Bond movies.

Newsreader Matt Barbet mentioned on 5 News UK yesterday evening that Kodak has now gone into administration. One issue for them being they partly failed to keep up with the latest technology. I myself rather liked Kodak films the best, but I have to admit I very rarely am able to get to places to take any photographs. Sometimes due to cost and sometimes due to my own ongoing severe disability. RIP Kodak, you will be sadly missed I assure you by some of us. x šŸ™