Sadly for me my Secondary Progressive MS has continued to worsen. My main problem at the moment is being able to sit up straight for a small period of time. It appears my waist muscles are already starting to not work. Sometimes I’m leaning to one side and can’t right myself. My standing with the Rotastand is unpredictable, and what this means for the future I just don’t know. It’s so hard starting to loose your independence, you start to lean on the things that can make you smile. When I’m in doors it’s 5 News UK and Home and Away, When my boyfriend takes me outside it’s to the cinema and theatre.

Christmas is fast approaching, it’s come by so quickly this year. I’ll have my six foot Christmas tree up and going to my local Baptist Church too. I’ll be seeing a wide range of pantomimes including one with my favourite 90’s pop star Lolly in it. That will be awesome as I last saw her on stage live supporting Steps in concert.

My MS continues to make me cry, but in-spite of the new hard symptoms and slog it puts me through I still keep trying to smile and get out and about in life. When I used to be housebound life was much tougher and empty for me.

Many thanks for reading my blog, take care of yourselves.

Lydia  :Cool:

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