This film tells the remarkable story of two very different people put together purely by chance. The lead male at the beginning is in a long term committed relationship with an attractive blonde girl. He is then hit by a motorbike and is left paralysed from the neck down. He then meets Lu, who has lost her job in a coffee shop and needs another job fast, so she becomes carer to this gentleman. (I noticed with a smile that actor Steve Peacock was playing a trained Physiotherapist. I know him as Brax from my favourite soap Home and Away, so I had seen him on TV for several years). At first he wants her to be quiet and subdued as she reminds him of everything he’s lost. She is inspired to make a “bucket list” of things to do to give him a reason to live, not knowing at first that he has decided to end his life in six months time in Switzerland. It was rather amusing when the two leads and the Physiotherapist went to the races and were denied entry into a posh restaurant. They also went on holiday abroad and had fun in the sun. She failed to change his mind as he made it abundantly clear that he had made his decision based the fact he couldn’t live the life of pain and disability he now had and would face. After he died he sent he a letter stating some places he’d been to that felt she’d like to visit, and left her some money to see out this dream. I found it really amusing that he never called her Lu, only Clarke (which was her surname). I also enjoyed her boyfriend, a fitness instuctor whom she grew apart from. He was a good actor too.

I give this film an 8/10 rating.