Dear blog,

On Monday afternoon my GP phoned. My test next week can go ahead despite that problem I mentioned on my previous blog, and he issued a prescription to the chemist for some cream which I have now received. Fingers crossed hey folks?

After previously being cancelled I went to the dentist, had two X-rays done (don’t know what for) no worries over gingivitis, so far so good. Maybe one day I will be able to afford braces to straighten my teeth, still I can dream. I now have very clean teeth.

I saw the lovely Liz Taylor (not the real one that fell out of a rug) we had a nice discussion and I got things off my chest. She massaged my legs, they were very tense but light relief was achieved which was all I could have hoped for.

I made it outside in my wheelchair once this week doing ordinary, mundane things. The MacDonald’s happy meal, yum yum, was the highlight of that particular Wednesday.

I saw the web designer who origonally designed my website this week, well done him.