My other half Frank when he came to see me this morning informed me of the very sad passing of Dale Winton. Dale Winton always made me smile, he was charismatic, out-going, gushy too. It was always my dream for my partner Frank to become a contestant on the the Lottery show “In it to win it”. Unfortunately for us we applied on two occasions but we never got any response. That particular game show always had me glued to the screen, Dale was lovely to watch on screen. I did very briefly also get to see the other show he did – “The Other Half”, I think it ran for two series, and I also remember with fondness Dale’s Supermarket Sweep. It was humorous to watch.

The other more recent show – the travelogue Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive. The trailer for this particular show didn’t look up my street, I’m not really into that sort of programme. I have no idea why he has passed away so young in my eyes. Dale, you certainly had turbulent times in you life, but you always managed I feel to keep the whole nation smiling, and I bet when you entered a room where your TV colleges were everyone knew you were in the room. 

May you rest in piece now Mr. Dale Winton with the angels in heaven. May they keep you company for evermore.

Thank you all for reading this blog, I did my very best to do a blog tribute to Dale Winton, a man I never personal met. I hope I got the balance right somehow. As a suggestion they should have a one off “In it to win it” show possibly hosted by Graham Norton.

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