The lady that played Elizabeth was a fairly good actress as was the lady in the title role. The actor who played Lord Darnley was fairly good too and rather amusing, and the scene where you see a wick being lit and his home is blown up is very impressive. There were some inaccuracies – Mary historically was very much in love when she met Darnley but in this they were less close but had a mutual respect for each other, and Bothwell was not portrayed as the kind of person who would abduct or rape Mary which is what he did historically. The best scenes were when Riccio was killed and where Bothwell goes mad and drops dead in a man’s arms. Also the last scene where Mary goes to the scaffold at Fotheringay Castle was good. I’d give this film an 8/10, a good DVD buy of a film first seen many years ago when I was 10-12.