I heard this afternoon that one of my favourite people on TV – money expert Martin Lewis – is taking on legally the big cyber-giant that is Facebook. The suit is for Facebook taking financial payment for adverts which show Martin Lewis’s face when in reality Martin has nothing to do with them or endorse the product they are attempting to sell. He argues strongly that this payment means Facebook does have a responsibility to ensure they are accurate and not fraudulent. I believe Martin Lewis is correct in taking this course of action and I’m doing this particular blog to show him and others I support him. Martin Lewis is very good at his money advice, in fact we do a review blog about the Martin Lewis Money Show when we get the opportunity. I’ve met Martin Lewis twice while in my wheelchair during the production of his live shows, but as he doesn’t really know who I am I have never included his image in my blogs about his programme. Here is the web link to what Martin Lewis himself says about his legal action, it is a very interesting readhttps://blog.moneysavingexpert.com/2018/04/martin-lewis-to-sue-facebook/?_ga=2.252606977.969898920.1524668347-1192615110.1518600068

Do you believe Martin Lewis is in the right in this important issue?

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