The programme focused on two types of ISA: Help 2 Buy and Lifetime. Both are designed to give a boost to your savings for a house or a way of saving towards a pension. They both have advantages and disadvantages compared with each other. They both can provide up to a 25% increase in what you save towards the cost of a house provided the person in whose name is the ISA is a first time buyer. Martin went through the differences such as when you can claim the bonus, what if you take the money out for something other than house buying, who is eligible to start one and how quickly you can get the bonus from when you open one. I found the programme on this subject very informative and Martin as entertaining as usual, however the information came so thick and fast that I couldn’t always understand and comprehend it, and I’m sure I have already forgotten much, but at least I have a simple knowledge to start with if this is relevant to me in the future.

Martin did touch on two other issues: The break teaser asked if a traffic warden could give you a ticket if you were gone for change? The answer was YES but he recommended that you shouldn’t be scared to appeal if you felt your ticket was unfair, you could be let off. The other subject was to highlight there was over £850 million in unclaimed bank accounts. He directed the viewer to go to if they thought they might have such an account or a relative had died with money in an account. 

He said next week would be on PPIs.

On a related money matter, I so love the adverts with the dancing HE-man and Skeletor.