The programme was all about your credit rating/file/score which is highly influential in getting credit. It doesn’t tell you if all lenders will or won’t lend because every company uses different scores, takes different factors into account, and what you want the money for. What your income is is a big factor and your credit risk/history as well.

Martin recommended you should go to websites that gives scores for free (and not just as “trial” periods), and you should check yearly. Check for accuracy of the details, if everything is included which should be etc. If there is an inaccuracy you can write to the credit firm asking it to be corrected. If they refuse you can write a “Notice of Correction” to the credit rating firms. If they won’t include it on your file you can apply to the Financial Ombudsman.

He highlighted that you can test out if you might be accepted for credit by going to an eligibility calculator on the web. This is a “soft search” and won’t show up in your credit rating. 

Just before the break Martin recommended people who get more than one prescription per month check out Prepaid Certificates which could save them money. In a Freedom of Information check he had learnt 800,000 could qualify but don’t apply for it.

The break time teaser was about air travel cancellation due to a natural phenomenon. He said after the break that you can get a refund or alternative flight if the flight was from an EU country, or to an EU country on an EU airline. He looked good as the “Incredible Sulk”

Finally he provided help and information for people with a poor rating. He recommended getting a credit card designed for those to rebuild their credit history – paying credit IN FULL each month, responsible use etc. 

Martin said that before applying for credit consider – don’t keep applying to other cards after a refusal as this shows up in the rating score; don’t miss payments (including gas/electric/phone etc); use a landline for contact no. as a mobile may show lack of ties; be consistent in describing yourself/facts to avoid confusion or suspicion of fraud; decide what you want credit for and then consider which lender is best suited for that.

I liked Angellica Bell’s red coat, and loved Martin’s jig when he helped a disabled person get a credit card.

Next week the programme will be about Lifetime ISAs and Help to Buy ISAs.

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