We were able to see “Love, Simon” at our local Odeon cinema yesterday tea-time. It was a very good film with a very down to earth story line and humour. Simon is a teenager who is secretly gay and doesn’t want anyone to know. On a school internet forum he comes across another student calling himself Blue who is also secretly gay and wonders who his real identity is. They start regularly messaging each other and fall in love but because they won’t come out they can’t work out who each other really is. This is complicated even more when another student sees Simon’s emails and blackmails him into trying to pair him up with one of Simon’s best mates. This leads Simon into lying and manipulating some of his best friends against his better judgement. When the student, who is not a bad person but is a geek and immature, fails very publicly to get his own way with Simon’s friend he retaliates by outing Simon. Simon’s friends realise Simon has been lying to them and then walk way, but Simon, after much anxiety, rises above it, tells his family, and then tells Blue he wants him to come out and meet him in person on the local Ferris wheel, which was an interesting choice for the character. My favourite scene was where one of Simon’s ex-girlfriends asks him if he went out with her thinking she looked like a guy, but he said no, he broke up with her because she didn’t look like a bloke, which pleased her very much. Best characters for me were Leah (Simon’s best lady friend) and Emily (Jennifer Garner) his on-screen mother. I also liked the headmaster who confiscated mobile phones, he was a good actor and rather amusing on screen.  I’d give this film a 9/10 rating.

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