This was a good, thought provoking film but with complicated dialogue, i.e. Georgian English. As someone with Autism there was only bits and pieces I could put together. The main actress was a woman of mystery, bewitching but hypocritical. She wanted to marry off her daughter to a well-to-do man from a good family. The one she chose was a real character but also a fool and the daughter didn’t want to marry him, a nice man but nothing more. In the end, the main character has to marry him herself and the daughter marry’s a more suitable match. 5/10 rating.

I partly saw this film as it had all the hallmarks of a film that my late 2nd cousin, Mr Roger Dobson, film extra and writer, would have seen or wanted to have a part in. I was glad to see this film in his memory. If you see the picture of him as an extra in a period piece below, you’ll know what I mean.