I Quite liked the look of this film, but it was very slow moving in parts and the actual ending was left with a question mark as to what happened next, which I  really like, although I assume the 2 of them split up and got divorced.

The Guy lived in LA in America and the girl lived in London England. She met him while studying but overstayed her Visa in the U.S.A. and by the time she got her new visa cracks had already begun to appear in their relationship. Both of them cheated on each other as each of them clearly missed the other but they couldn’t be together. This film really brings to home  the near constant strain and ongoing issues that can occur when both circumstances and distance can tear a strong relationship apart. If you feel helpless then turn to other people for sex. This couple didn’t manage that which I think made for a fairly sad ending. The best scene for me was the wedding scene at a registry office. He wore a nice suit and she a very simple white wedding dress with straps shame she never threw a bouquet. Overall rating for me was 5 out of 10.  Also with my next of kin, we had to travel further afield to see the film as it was not being shown at my local Odeon cinema unfortunately.

We had wanted to see the film film `Shame` but by the time we could get to see it it had vanished from Cinemas. It looked like a sort of thriller to me with some nookie in it but my next of kin thinks that’s not the case. We will never know with the film being cancelled at another cinema for problems to do with the cinemas real screen itself. Oh well, what a shame, I guess it was not meant to be. I so very rarely watch `18` films anyway. The Faculty Film – a 15 – is the worst film I’d ever seen and before I went to see it I had no idea what it was about.