This film is 105 mins and was made in 2005, I had seen it before on CH5 but was great to see it again. This film tells the story of a guy, a doctor, who was embroiled in a conspiracy to make extra money from an illegal cancer drug, which was smuggled in illegally, and hidden in plastic style packaging in cardboard boxes in a warehouse which made it very hard to detect. The guy, a eminent male doctor, fakes his death after being pressured by his other bad colleagues into actually doing so, and is feared drowned in a boating accident. Years later he turns up dead for real, this time near an airport in a rental hire car, with his only apparent injury a nose bleed. He was returning to his wife. The guy’s blonde wife, in a state of utter shock, then indentifies her late husbands body with Police help. She then hires a private investigator, who is hot, and he is a former Policeman dismissed from the force for not really fitting in, to find out what happened etc. The dead guy’s sister is revealed a real witch character, it had been thought she had died in a fire at 1 point, this lady tries to pass herself off also as the husbands other wife, but her house looks and feels wrong, and who owns it is very suspicious too, and another doctor involved tries to pass himself off as an old doctor friend but he is really a criminal also heavily involved in the sinister plot. The best scene for me is where the brunette female villain gets a lethal injection ready and the blonde wife struggles bound and gagged some of the time in a old wooden chair, and then the female villain is shot after the private investigator shoots her after escaping her male accomplice, who had also badly beaten him up. The wife and the private investigator hook up and get very intimate together, both the wife’s past and future in the Tarot cards then fully come together. I’d give this CH5 afternoon movie a good 8 out of 10 rating.