I’m very sceptical that our new Chancellor of the Exchequer Savid Javid is correct in his thinking of the UK economy. (https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1163781/Brexit-News-Sajid-Javid-no-deal-latest-update-UK-economy-Chancellor-leave-EU) Yes I believe that we are on a road which is nearly impossible to adapt or change to new circumstances. I hope I’m proven wrong, but the bitter word “Recession” is now fast looming in my view. Yet more austerity could be on the way. A shrinking UK economy and Brexit going ahead on Halloween would send jitters down anyone’s spine. A `No Deal` Brexit would potentially lead to, a man suggested recently, the Tories out of power for ten to twenty years. Also, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to call an early general election while Brexit takes place he would be trying a distraction tactic which would only backfire on him and his party. I myself wanted the UK to stay in Europe but the country voted Brexit, so yes I believe that should take place. The Tory politicians keep on saying about the UK “our great country” but I’m afraid to say we may not be in the eyes of other countries when it comes to Brexit and the EU.

Do you think after Brexit/Halloween we will go into recession?

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