I felt empathy today when I heard of a case of a lady in a care home whose family were concerned for her emotional wellbeing, not just her physical health. 
I felt I would share some thoughts about a time when I was in a care home without the emotional support of my other half and friends. This happened when I was in a care home setting after being discharged from hospital. I felt emotionally stressed out, I have autism as well as MS, and this led to a worsening of my mental health wellbeing which for me has always come well before my physical needs. This emphasis on my mental health, not just my physical health, has led to differences of opinion with health and social care staff who can believe that changing someone, and serving food and drink is fully providing for someone’s care needs. No way Jose. I would want access to the internet, satellite TV, privacy, and occasional trips out to meet my mental health needs and wellbeing, especially if I was in a room on my own.
My other half who worked in the care sector said that the problem is that it is a lot easier to measure and meet a physical need than it is a vital but undefined, unclear mental one. I think the present assessment tools in health and social care are fine for judging my physical needs but simply can’t measure a smile.
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