I would really like to be part of, but not at home, Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. I guess the whole nation wants to go but I want to be part of it too. I bet my favourite reporter on 5 News, Royal correspondent Simon Vigar, will most definitely be there, maybe editing his report too. But it feels like there’s so many obstacles and barriers to overcome. A) My being in a wheelchair and the area is not accessable for such, B) Overnight costs will be high, especially for disability adapted rooms, C) Getting a hoist to get me into/out of bed, D) Getting around Windsor on public transport, E) We don’t know what time yet of the event itself, F) Having to book a disabled vehicle. Sadly for me I couldn’t attend due to my disability and sickness William and Kate’s wedding, I just hoping I won’t miss out this time.

On another note, it feels like Christmas is a stressful time of year. I decided not to buy any presents but with my carer I wrote out an awful lot of Christmas cards instead, including to all my favourites on 5 News UK.

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