I fell in love with the 55″ Loewe TV at my local Richer Sounds store, who’s staff there are excellent. Where possible I like to support my local high street retailers rather than rely on the internet.

I was looking for a new TV because, due to my deteriorating manual dexterity due to MS, I wanted something I can control by voice through the Alexa I recently purchased. I have now got the first signs of Arthritis in my hands and fingers and can’t use a remote control now for long periods, I’m also partially sighted making seeing the controls on the hand set more difficult and challenging).

I would use the wall bracket to the Loewe TV to easily see it, and the one on sale had a wall mount that could move the TV side to side (the Loewe floor mount could adjust the TV even more!). However I was sorry to hear from the sales assistant that Loewe had gone bust (see https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1561546685) as I would require more time to budget for it (they only had it on sale on a 10 month deferred payment scheme). The Panasonic equivalent was recommended for several reasons but it’s the Loewe I really want. I loved the Loewe, especially because I hoped to hear better the Blu-rays and DVDs with its exciting appearing/disappearing sound bar (see the ad below).

I would have loved to have the Loewe for my recent birthday but I had a lovely day anyway.

Many thanks to everyone for reading this blog. 

As an up-date to the above blog I went back to the store and gave in to the fact that I could hear the Panasonic better, so despite by love for the Loewe I am going to buy the equivalent Panasonic. The other factor that persuaded me to change was the fact that although the Loewe came with a 6 year guarantee, the sales assistant admitted that spare parts could be an issue in fulfilling this assurance. To me, with Loewe going bust and the 6 year guarantee being suspect, I think the prices for Loewe products should be even lower now, if it had been a lot lower I might have considered buying the 55″ TV anyway despite the sound not being as good as the panasonic.

We have now bought the 55″ Panasonic brand TV. I offered Richer Sounds Store £1,200 for the 55″ Loewe TV but it wasn’t the staff at my local Richer Sounds decision. Although I was very upset at not being able to buy the 55″ Loewe the staff at the Richer Sounds and me had a little giggle at my offer which may have been unrealistic. My prediction is they will have to sell it off to a bargain basement firm who will sell it for less then I was offering them. Also my Richer Sounds store has now moved the 55″ Loewe TV off display, the exact quote being “We can’t shift it”, making it harder for the general public to see it/chose it.