It is about a blonde called Renee who lacks confidence and self esteem initially. She joins a gym and befriends a girl with black hair called Mallory (my favourite character in the film). Renee yearns to be slim like Mallory but, I’m guessing, she was more like 16 – 18. She falls off a gym cycle, and bangs her head knocking her out cold. When she comes to she has inner confidence and high self esteem and believes her wish has come true and she looks like a model and is just as beautiful as them like them. She starts chatting to a nice looking man in a dry cleaners, flirts with him and exchanges numbers and unexpectedly start dating him. In the meantime Renee dreams of working at a makeup corporation, and with her newfound confidence she gets a job at one as a receptionist. Against near impossible odds she goes all the way and makes makeup changes, i.e. using makeup brushes to apply makeup. Her speech aimed at the average person is very touching and real. Of course when she bangs her head for a second time, this time in a shower, she looses all the confidence and self esteem, but she regains it when she realises what she means to those around her and what she can achieve. I would give this particular film a 9/10 rating. My favourite scene was when she told Mallory she was lucky to be so slim.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty (2018)

On a separate note, myself and my partner Frank went to see “phantom Thread” Daniel Day Lewis in his final title role  before retiring. It was a good film but way to complicated and complex for us to do a blog on. I would give it a 7/10 rating.

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