The most spellbinding special effect was the computer generated snow. The film, set in France, featured a Automaton – a mechanical man who wrote and drew stuff on paper. Hugo and a girl help to work out what the unique robot was saying and repair him. It’s a gripping script and some scenes are of silent  movies, but this film has sound of course. Also this has a good balance while I think the film the Artist may not. Actor Jude Law played Hugo’s father who sadly burnt to death in a building and Hugo was then forced to live and maintain the old clocks in a railway station after his uncle, an obvious alcoholic, was found dead. At the end of the film Hugo has found a new family of sorts who want him around. Interesting scenes  include the  black doberman dog running and hearing its scary claws on the railway station floor. Sacha Baron Cohen (now married to Australian actress Isla Fisher) was also in this film as the Station inspector, and he had a metal attachment to help him walk. His dalliance with a pretty florist brought out his human side but the cage where he put children he thought were orphans  gave the appearance he was rather cruel. I’d give this film 9 and a half out of ten and will probably buy it on Blu Ray at some point when released in the UK but definitely not in 3D – it does not agree with me and my overall disability makes it not an option.

I had a small break away over Xmas and new year. It took a bit of a strain off me and it gave me time to reflect and ponder my future. I hope with everything I go through its a happy 1. I think I made yet more new years resolutions but I cannot remember what they are. I stayed in a local place so rural and away from life it was not really me at all, but when you love someone I guess you enjoy it more. There was a nice hair salon that helped wash my hair, they were brilliant, and a waxing place too.

Take Care. Goodbye for now all, many thanks for reading this or any of my other blogs.