I’ve been feeling a total mix-up of feelings. My mental health feels much harder to manage as my Secondary Progressive MS has slightly worsened. I cannot walk, I haven’t done so since 2015 and my muscles, in trying to roll over in bed, even with help, feels really hard, almost like I can’t do it any more, although through my sadness and many tears I look forward to the future. I can’t worry where it will lead but I do remember that song that struck a chord with so many of us during Lockdown, the inspirational Sir Capt. Tom More “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. In my heart I feel he is still with us. 
On a positive note, the church I regularly go to is soon to put an article their newsletter about our charity walk which took place just before Christmas. The weather shone that day and we did a charity walk in order to raise so badly needed funds for London Zoo. Also, to be included is some words about what I learnt during Lockdown. I wasn’t sure initially what I wrote would be good enough but it turns out it was and will also be in this Newsletter. Thanks so much to All Saint’s, my other half Frank, and everyone else who supported me on that journey. 
Many thanks to you all for reading my blog.