Well the eighth of March, when all school children go back to school, will be a time when a lot of people will be relived. I can see their reasoning for that. I have no children of my own so for me shops reopening, and getting out and about again, will be my first priority to help me look after my mental health. During this Lockdown I haven’t felt too lonely, I have MS but my other half always helped me get dressed, and with 5 News always cheering me up, I always tried to keep the best routine I could manage. I recently got a letter advising me to shield, but although I suspected I should, I only got the letter last week, a bit late for the advice!! I got into town once every ten days or so to try to feel normal, we’d get a takeaway and a cappuccino in the cold. Just what will be the new normal? In my eyes taking what precautions you can, where you can, but our lives need to go on somehow and all we can do is take it one step at a time. 
Here is a clip of Capt. Sir Tom Moore’s funeral , may he rest in peace, a brave and courageous man.
Here’s a video that I have done telling the Chancellor Rishi Sunak what I would do in the budget.