I’d give this Channel 5 movie an 8 1/2 solid, heart-felt rating out of 10. This blond girl is engaged to this fella but they don’t seem to make time for each other because of work. They go out for dinner but during it another woman keeps appearing and she suspects there’s something going on and guesses he is having an affair with this other slender woman, so she gives him the engagement ring back at the bottom of a glass of alcohol and then storms off. Rather than lose a load of money she goes on their planned honeymoon alone to this yucky ivy covered hotel. (Reminded me of Sleeping beautys’ castle). She goes for a walk but she’s wearing the wrong sort of shoes and has a few accidents with them. She tries horse riding but the white horse gallops off with her. There was a lovely curly brown haired little girl in the film, she was marvellous. The best scene was the little girl drawing eggs, waiting for them to hatch. At the end it was adorable to see the little chicks hatched. Nearby the place where she is staying is a piece of land her ex-fiances firm owns and wants to turn into a golf course, but she campaigns to preserve it for the wildlife. The film ends as a `happy ever after` when she finds true love with one of the locals.
I’m not really keen on the nights now drawing in, both dark and day fully mixing together. A strange cocktail mix. Goodnight all. Laugh