Harvey is very smug at winning the council election but I think Mr Stuart, Roo and John Palmer between them all will wipe the smile off his face.

Irene continues life on the couch after her breast cancer and heart attack experiences.

April and Heath remain very steamy but new teacher Mrs Brown so far remains clueless on this.

Xavier and Sascha remain very nervous around each other but will they or won’t they ever get it together? Xavier also bin accepted to the police academy. It’s very interesting, Sascha clearly has some low self esteem issues, and is then left reeling and a bit tearful when her ex Stus’ body is found by Alf Stuart wrapped in a brown blanket with one shoe on. What connection did Stu have to the resort development, and why was he killed? Although Sid was interviewed by the police I think it is most unlikely he did it. Romeo knows a lot but don’t think it was him either. Most likely for me 1 of, or someone connected to, the River Boys gang.

Leah clearly saves Braxs’ skin by paying off blackmailer, bad business man, Geoffrey King with 25,000 Australian Dollars. Elijah wants Leah to have her money back in full. Brax appears sincere, I think Leah will get her money back in the end.

Ruby is trying to cope with her mums death, and feels anger and greif stricken towards all the River Boys gang, and for now is pushing Casey Braxton away.

Emotionally Bianca is clearly incensed when Liams ex-wife speaks out publicly in a magazine article about Liams and Biancas forthcoming wedding. Will they or won’t they make it up the aisle on the Summer Bay beach? and whether Irene also makes it to the wedding herself remains to be seen. Unlikely best-man Romeo will probably look good in a suit and be a very god best-man along side his screen wife Indie Walker.