Sascha statement to the police, Morag seems to confirm, is misleading. Apparently Sascha spoke to Stu on the telephone before he died and she didn’t tell anyone. Morag thinks it can still be proved that Sascha acted in self defence, however because Sascha didn’t come forward in the first place the police are now trying to charge Sascha with Stu’s murder. I bet that will carry a heavy custodial sentence.

Xavier proves himself to his policeman tutor by handling and arresting a man who puts a knife against a blonde waitress’s throat. Xavier has started to prove himself to be a good policeman in the making during his stint at the Police Academy – The policeman tutor tells him.

Ruby wore a nice blue bikini and an orange one too in today’s Home and Away.

Tyler tries his hand at mending a washing machine. A Jack-of-all-trades he is clearly not, as he clearly broke a spare part of the machine. I guess the residents of the Summer Bay Caravan Park won’t be doing their washing in the near future?

Brax hands over a lot of money to John Palmer after silly Tyler stole his fancy car and then sold it, clearly breaking the law.

Roo wore a nice red dress for an apparent date with Mr Harvey Ryan. She stands him up twice and then Harvey starts what looks like flirting with his blonde niece. I’m just wondering just how long it will be before Roo will push Harvey straight into the sea again, just like she did last week.

Irene greets a male friend with a beard, he’s her new singing tutor. This man is clearly more in awe of former rock star Liam than Irene and her singing.

Syd helps Indie and Romeo to start communicating better within their marraige and Indie agrees to compromise with Romeo about the surfing circuit although I think she wants Romeo in steady employment.

Elijah comes back from a Retreat and a number of people in Summer Bay start to fund-raise with furniture to raise money for a project Miles is now involved with in Thailand. There’s clearly not enough space to store the furniture.

April and Heath still rumble on. Unknown to April, Heath has a one night stand with Henri. April later catches Heath out at a remote holiday cottage. They’re clearly over and it’s clear that Henri has her own agenda and a bit of empathy towards April due to her own past. Heath clearly doesn’t deserve the three words “I love you” from April.

The bosses of Home and Away, many thanks for giving the actor who plays Mr Harvey Ryan a longer contract. I think this is long overdue, he’s gripping to watch on screen, and is just as talented as Mr Luke Bracey (Trey Palmer).

In next weeks Home and Away Tyler, Probably seeking revenge over his lost money, completely loses the plot big-time with Casey Braxton. Will they both make it out of the Auzzie bush in time? Will it be Heath, Brax or even Elijah that may save the day?