At the end of Home and Away today Ruby lay unconscious in her caravan after supping way to much alcohol. She’d been having a meltdown after Charlies’ death still. She had also tried to seduce, rather surprisingly, Dex. He genuinely ran for his life.

Elijah declares his love for Leah but she’s a bit shocked and says just only wants to be mates.

April is still rather rampant with Heath Braxton. She’s a genuine girl, I think he will break her heart in the end.

Liam and Bianca finally got married on the Summer Bay beach and then apparently went on honeymoon somewhere unknown. I think we all know don’t we? Bianca will return to the bay pregnant, but just who is the daddy, Heath or new husband Liam.

There was a touching scene today whereby Bianca tells her sister April she loves her. It was nice to watch. Two screen sisters getting a bit closer.

Brax is going to carry on getting his head kicked in to pay Leah back money wise. Fighting for money just ain’t worth it. I hope the character Geoffry King will cause some more trouble in Summer Bay at some point.

John Palmer has a rather¬†expensive car stolen and is apparently now $4,000 in the red due to the resort development. I bet he won’t be paying any maintenance for his former step-son Trey in the near future now will he. Dare he now tell Gina?