Dex and April face opposition from their families for getting their own place. They prove to them on their laptop they have considered their financial situation and budget.
Casey dumps Ruby to try to protect her from evil Daddy Braxton. Daddy Braxton asks to Casey why he persuaded Ruby to move back into the Summer Bay House where it will be harder to swindle her out of her inheritance because people will be around her. Ruby offers some money to Casey but he refuses. Ruby goes to Indie’s house and has a go at her about how she is treating Romeo. Indie slams her door loudly in her face.
Leah and Ruby make up with a hug, Ruby says she feels abandoned and is utterly lost without her late mum Charlie. Leah tells her not to shut out those closest to her.
Alf catches Jett putting on Graffiti on a metal shutter, Alf and Natalie conspire to get Jett to clean off the black Graffiti which he struggles to do. Jett doesn’t know that John and Gina are trying to adopt him for good but he knows something is up, so he is trying to get attention. The process is stuck while awaiting Jett’s dads’ approval (assuming he is Jett’s dad of course!).
Brax and Casey stage a fight between them to trick Daddy Braxton into thinking he has split them up.
Indie and Liam are getting ever closer and get rather smoochy at Angelos’. Romeo’s suspicions continue to grow over them, especially when he sees Indie and Liam playfully throwing paper away.Although Liam insists there is nothing going on,and that Indie is just a mate and colleague at Angelos’. Unbeknown to Romeo, Indie and Liam share their first tender kiss after this, over a mop and bucket. Sid walks in straight afterwards and offers a lift home to Indie.
Heath gives Bianca an ultimatum. Me and Darcy are a package, accept us both or have neither. It looks like they will be a happy family and premature baby Rocco will soon be home from hospital.
Harvey is bottling up over Lotte’s leaving and says that she’s gone back to her old school in the city and is happy. Harvey keeps making excuses to spend more time repairing the Blaxland boat. Roo and Harvey carry on bickering over having a baby, adopted or natural, but in a couples way. After more sorts of arguments they decide to get married! A surprise to them both.

The weather here is still too humid and leaves me feeling very drained. I made it out for the very first time today with my new volunteer into my local town centre. We had a brew, bought some flowers and my lottery tickets (I’ve yet to win the jackpot just yet). Take care everyone, I hope the weather held out whereever you are, have a good week ahead of you, and many thanks for reading my unique style blog. Laugh

PS I hope Megan is settling back into her home life.