Casey grovels to his bullying teacher with a beard – Mr Townsend. Mr Townsend rather stupidly had blackmailed Gina into doing what he wanted. He also tried to bully Sascha into not backing Casey but Sascha made a complaint and Gina later discovered that Mr Townsend had bullied other students at previous schools, so Mr Townsend left Summer Bay and the show under a cloud.

Dex says to April she’d be the best auntie, Heath later broke into Bianca’s house through a window to build a cot for his baby, Bianca wanted John Palmer to build the cot.

Ruby says to Romeo that she still likes to set up a surfing business with him. Ruby looks on rather supportive and Romeo’s wife, Indie, wishes him well. Indie tells Romeo she’d lost some money and had pranged the front of Sid’s car. I think it was something to do with the handbrake.

Colleen sadly leaves the show to move to Las Vegas to be with her son Lance. She’s given a surprise party and a golly good send off in the end, but previously she had felt her Summer Bay friends simply didn’t care.

Darcy appears to be using a nice purple girly surfboard. That little girl is simply adorable.

Irene wore a nice orange and gold top in Home and Away today.

Romeo is on crutches now. Sid thinks he’s taking his recovery too fast when Romeo tries some sit down physio exercises. There is still the possibility he may still surf again.

Lottie has very nice blonde pigtails, April is clearly jealous that Dex and Lottie are now together. Lottie is also arguing with her mum and stays overnight at Dex’s house, but Dex thinks she should return home.

Harvey gives Roo a silver bracelet, he also is convinced he will be found guilty over this so called electoral fraud. The Mayor won’t back him up. Morag’s advice is to plead guilty and Dex says the same as Lottie is hurting. In the end Harvey gets a massive fine and when sitting on a long chain near the sea says to Roo he needs some space from all this. The fine he was given means he has to sell his house to pay the fine so this will mean Lottie and her mum will no longer have a home.

Jet’s mum is admitted to hospital with clear mental health issues but Sid won’t confirm much more than that. Xavier sneeks round to Jet’s house and tells Jet’s mum that although he has not got concrete proof he strongly suspects Jet is nicking wallets and money. In one scene today a neglected Jet, looking for food, makes cereal and spits it out as the milk has gone off. It’s clear he’s being neglected through no fault of his own, this may somewhat explain his bullying behaviour. Jet has already nicked money from Indie after Indie sold a dress online. He put the empty punk purse into a dustbin but didn’t nick her credit cards. Please also note in the future Marilyn’s handbag, money etc will be stolen by Jet.

Alf has not yet returned to Summer Bay after being away, but he sends Colleen an email wishing his on-screen half-sister well for the future for the move to Las Vegas to be with her son Lance. I think even Morag will miss Colleen.

Hayley tells Liam after sleeping with him she’ll try to cope without drugs and then she leaves town.

Take care all, weather here has been very wet and windy, but for now it seems a little dull. Good bye till my next blog. 😕