Hayley wore nice pink style underwear on the Summer Bay beach. She and Liam decide to give things a go but as Liam becomes fairly happy with Hayley he suddenly finds out she’s been liaising  with Heath. Liam is convinced Hayley is back on drugs again as Heath had previously been Liam’s drug supplier. Liam then walks away. We all know, don’t we, that Hayley is trying to find flaws with the court case to get daddy Braxton out of jail?

Mel is unsympathetic towards her daughter Lottie, it’s clear she’s got a lot on her mind. After being dramatically dumped by Dex so he can support and be with April again, she then runs back to Harvey and Roo, and then ends up staying at Summer Bay House, and Lottie says that she can not go back home. Mel is furious with Harvey when he states he’s selling the family house that Lottie grew up in to pay his very high court fines. Mel walks away very angry with a rather nice red shoulder bag on her shoulder.

Sasha holding a brolly while chatting and supporting Casey. I guess it must rain after all in Summer Bay.

Leah wore a nice purple dress in today’s episode.

Bianca is in a bad way in hospital, she has a sudden C section and tells Heath if its a choice between saving her or the baby then save the baby. Heath carries out Bianca’s instructions but April is clearly disgusted and storms off. The baby boy, premature, looks small and in an incubator (although this was referred to by another name). When April hears the news she storms out again. Things go from bad to worse for Bianca, she suffers complications from her recent pregnancy, she has a seizure and then a blood vessel ruptures in her brain, and is put in what is called an induced coma. Some of us know Bianca becomes convinced when coming out of the coma that her baby has died, every one tells her she’s wrong, she’s suffering from a psychosis. During this storyline Mel wears a nice looking yellow type stethoscope. I bet it’s not real though?

Logan asks Indi to move overseas permanently with him, she’s not all that keen as she clearly thinks it’s all moving too fast for her. Logan is starting to see that Indi is still very much in love with her husband Romeo. Logan then tells Romeo he’s leaving Summer Bay for good and that he must not hurt Indi. Ruby says to Indi please step away and give me and Romeo a chance at a future together. even though it pains Indi she tells Romeo to stay with Ruby. I think it’s starting to appear as though Romeo clearly still loves Indi and therefore not in love with Ruby. Ruby challenges Indi on the fact that Romeo gave Ruby’s money to Indi that she had set aside to set up a surfing business. Indi states that she thought Romeo had won that money in the past as part of a surfing competition. Indi’s left rather flabbergasted and at a lost for words when she learns the truth from Ruby. Another unexpected spanner in the works when Ruby suddenly announces she is pregnant by Romeo. Interesting this three way bermuda style love triangle. 

Gina throws up when Jett’s mum’s body is found in the house lying down in her bed. Gina then asks Marilyn can she please consider dropping the charges against Jett after he mugged her. Gina shows a lot of kindness and understanding towards Jett but he still tries to run away from her at the police station. Jett is then taken into foster care as he has no other family. I wonder were his daddy is in all this. I think Jett will soon start acting out being violent etc. I think he then returns to Summer Bay. Watch out the lovely VJ. Gina later opens up to Jett when he leaves his teddy bear behind. She tells Jett that her son Xavier had a teddy bear just like he had at his age called Milton. Xavier tries to show some compassion and understanding towards Jett but ends up with a bitten hand by Jett and a male policeman stating that he will have to fill in an incident report on the issue.

Sadly to me, the lovely Auzzie soap `Home and Away` is very soon going off for its summer break. I’m very not keen on this as I don’t like Home and Away being off screen for so long. Watching old Home and Away episodes can bring back some memories but it’s not really something I would choose to do. Take care all, suns out, fairly bright here, goodbye for now for a little bit.

CH5 are repeating old episodes of Home and Away due to its summer break. CH5 UK asks their viewers to vote for their favourite episodes over the last 25 years. The episodes I actually chose included the Summer Bay stalker, Marilyn’s first ever appearance in Summer Bay, the religious commune story with Salina (Tempany Deckhart) and my favourite recent storyline Tray Palmer (Luke Bracey) putting a time bomb underneath a bus as he holds grudges with all those in Summer Bay, and runs away carrying a small rucksack. Laugh