Gina and John are still talking but Gina is still suspicious that John is having an affair with Marilyn. Marilyn is trying not to get involved and but seems to say the wrong things at the wrong time that raise Gina’s worries. VJ and Jett are running together so they can be in the surf carnival but Jett tries to undermine VJ by belittling his friends attempts.

Casey goes to see Sasha to try to make amends for their one night stand and save their friendship but she is very tearful and doesn’t want to see him. The Walker family find his behaviour completely unacceptable and tell him to leave which he does.

Romeo almost drowns when surfing due to his leg injury but is rescued by John. Silly Romeo asks Heath to get him some steroids to help him recover in time from the knee injury to compete in the surf carnival. Heath agrees after not believing at first what Romeo is asking, and Romeo is sworn to secrecy.

Baby Rocco is rushed to a city hospital with some blood poisoning issue. After being pressured to support Bianca, Heath shoots through and leaves Irene to help her. Later Bianca says he should have fetched her when Rocco became ill and not left it.

Brax and Casey decide to go camping together to `reconnect`, with no tent or shelter! A stranger in a black woolly hat kidnaps Casey when Brax is away, he’s been watching them closely. Brax, on return, thinks Casey has shoot through and broken his bail conditions. Brax tells Natalie and says he can’t afford to loose the bail money. Natalie and Brax, unaware of Casey’s kidnap, end up sharing an intimate kiss and moment together, are they now back on together?

Sid tells to April that others would understand if she left Dex because of his recent disability, but she says that she loves him “for better, for worse”. April confesses to Sid that she can’t aford to keep their place and it isn’t suitable for Dex’s disability anyway so she’s going to give it up. Sid lets Indie down when he gets drunk but he is found by Liam by the side of the road just yards from his car who takes him home. Sid tells Liam he wants to go to Liam’s home and sober up so his family don’t see him drunk. Indie was waiting for Sid with Dex before going to work so she misses work.

Roo thinks they should go back to the beginning of their relationship with Harvey after he has been unfaithful with Mel. She’s given him the ring back and says they should try dating again to rebuild trust. Alf tells Harvey he wants them to sort it out but he can’t become involved. Alf also wants to talk to Harvey about the `The Blaxland` (a boat). Roo and Harvey then go out on the Blaxland and spend some quality time trying to sort out their differences, they both want to be together but they’re both very stubborn. The actors who play Roo and Harvey both bounce off each other and are great actors.

Well done again to cast and crew for today’s omnibus.


My ongoing MS means I am becoming very shaky on my feet, my feet are like lumps of ice and becoming very painful when I move. I’m very scared of the future now regarding my developing MS. I love so watching my beloved Home and Away, my everso `comfy blanket`. Take care all, enjoy what is left of the W/E, many thanks for reading my blog, goodnight to you all. Laugh