Daddy Braxton is still trying to worm his way into Ruby’s trust to get at her inheritance from Charlie. Casey is trying to stay on his dad’s good side so he can protect Ruby.
Gina is convinced all is not well with Jett, she tries to get Natalie to see if Jett is not coping. John Palmer uses the words “the boy’s fine”. Natalie says Gina has to be honest with Jett about her suspicions and counselling. All three decide to be more open with each other.
Brax and Natalie share an intimate moment and end up in bed together. Natalie notices a tattoo of “Charlie” on him and asks what it is. Brax tells her in Angelo’s “It’s for someone I’ve lost”. Is Brax over Charlie Buckton yet?
In order to pay Daddy Braxton to leave Summer Bay for good Brax gets involved in a drugs deal involving a boat. His accomplice, on seeing a police boat wants to dump the drugs overboard into the sea, But Brax persuades him not to and tells him to speed off in another boat away from the police and they’ll meet later. The guy leaves but disappears with the drugs leaving Brax very much out of pocket. The police go onto Brax’s boat but then fined no drugs, Brax tells them he is catering for a hen or stag party do and he is waiting for them to arrive, a clear lie.
Bianca tries to get Heath to open up emotionally, they get a bit closer and bond better with baby Rocco.
Lottie leaves Summer Bay with her mum, Mel. Lottie is scared of leaving her mum on her own as she has no one else, only Lottie. Harvey is more devastated about this than he is letting on, Alf is flabbergasted, and Roo thinks that Harvey should fight more for his daughter. She thinks he has a strong legal case despite his son dying in a boating accident while he was drunk.
Indi and Romeo still don’t seem to be communicating very well with each other. Leam is caught in the middle and is fed up about it. Indi and Leam go off on his motorbike, it’s a confusing love triangle developing between Indi, Leam and Romeo.
Sasha is still mooning over Casey, its very evident to Dex and April but so far Casey’s not crumbling and doesn’t feel the same way so far about Sasha. Somehow I feel this will soon change.
Daddy Braxton is still flirting with Marilyn (in her French Maid type outfit at the diner), still sharing intimate dinners and family barbeques. I bet Daddy Braxton is old enough to be Marilyn’s father. (He still reminds me of one of the Clanton’s at the OK Coral.)
April and Dex are tired at not getting quality time at home, people keep turning up. They then start discussing the financial practicalities of getting their own place together.
The weather here today was very rainy, dull but thankfully brightened up when I went out into the town centre in my wheelchair. My thoughts are with all those people affected by localised flooding. Take care everyone, ta for reading my blog again, goodnight all.  Laugh